[Photo post] Peru: Pacaya-Samiria National Park

During a period of fieldwork in Pacaya-Samiria National Park, in the northern Peruvian Amazon, I spent several weeks living on a restored riverboat (the Pithecia) together with colleagues collecting data on amphibians that make their home on floating rafts of vegetation. Moored on a black-water tributary of the Samiria river during the high water season, weContinue reading “[Photo post] Peru: Pacaya-Samiria National Park”

[Photo post] Honduras: Cusuco National Park & Roatán

In 2012 I spent two months in Cusuco National Park in Honduras, leading teams of volunteers and students to collect data on forest carbon stocks. The cloud forest hosts an astonishing variety of wildlife. Efforts to protect the park from deforestation and to protect its amphibians from disease are ongoing. Click here if you’d like toContinue reading “[Photo post] Honduras: Cusuco National Park & Roatán”

[Photo post] Northeast China: Beijing & Hebei province

In 2011 I visited Northeast China, firstly on a field trip to learn about environmental and conservation issues, and then again to collect data for my MSc research. Among the many issues we thought about were pollution and waste, encroaching desertification, the biodiversity impacts of the Grain-for-Green program, and the consumption and trade of wildlife.Continue reading “[Photo post] Northeast China: Beijing & Hebei province”